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A hand-drawn Family Tree makes a beautiful keepsake or a wonderful gift.

Unlike computer generated charts, each hand drawn family tree is unique.  Personalised details such as family crests, mottos or references to family interests or heritage can be incorporated into the design.

Gwyneth starts by gathering the family information that you have, together with any other design ideas you may have.  The layout and size of the family tree will depend on how much information and detail you wish to include.  Once all the details have been discussed and the design decided, you will be given a quotation and completion date.

You will be kept informed of the progress, and the completed tree can be posted to you or collection arranged.  All trees are supplied unframed, but a mount can be added.  If you have a particular deadline, for example if the tree is a gift, please make this clear and allow enough time.

In a similar way, thoroughbred horse, dog and other animal pedigrees can be written out calligraphically.

Please contact Gwyneth for more information

Some names and dates have been removed from these examples to protect privacy.