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Gwyneth starts by gathering the family information that you have, together with any other design ideas you may like.  The layout and size of the family tree will depend on how much information and detail you wish to include.

The price of a family tree will depend on the number of names included and the complexity of the design.  It is also affected by any titles, decoration or illustration and extra information such as birth/death dates.

If you would like an estimate, just email Gwyneth with an idea of the number of people you wish to include in your family tree.  

Once the details have been finalised, Gwyneth will be able to provide you with a firm quotation and completion date.

Gwyneth will keep you informed of the progress, and the completed tree can either be posted to you or collected.

If you have a particular deadline, for example if the tree is a gift, please make this clear and allow enough time: As a rough guide, once all family tree details have been confirmed and double checked with the client, turnaround is typically 3 weeks.

All family trees are written on high quality, acid free watercolour paper with lightfast inks and paints.

As well as people’s family trees Gwyneth can write out thoroughbred horse, dog and other animal pedigrees.

All family trees are supplied unframed.

Please contact Gwyneth for more information.